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Don’t forget to take advantage of these great offers:

  • PAY ONLINE with NO CONVENIENCE CHARGES! Online payments can be made at no additional cost to the customer. Payments received by Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Checking will no longer be subject to a convenience surcharge.
  • E-BILLING and AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL! Save time, money, and the environment by enrolling in both E-Billing as well as Automatic Withdrawal. By signing up for E-Billing you will receive your water/sewer bills by email. When you enroll in Automatic Withdrawal the balance of your water/sewer bill will be withdrawn from your bank account automatically on the 10th of the month (or the next business day), a verification email will be sent.
  • AUTOMATED NOTIFICATION SYSTEM! Be sure to update your contact info frequently to receive important messages about the Water/Sewer services in your area. You can see the information that the Watertown Fire District has on file by checking the bottom of your Water/Sewer bill.

The Watertown Fire District requests that you take a few seconds to review the contact information at the bottom of your water/sewer bill to verify all phone numbers, names, and addresses are correct. If there are any corrections please notify the office or submit the changes with your next payment. In the event that the Watertown Fire District needs to inform customers of updates regarding water or sewer services in their area this is the information that will use. Thank you for your support in keeping our contact information up to date.


NOTIFICATION (9/28/18): $2.57 DPH FEE

This is a onetime fee for FY 2019.

The Safe Drinking Water Primacy Assessment (SDWPA) is a fee that is collected by the Department of Public Health (DPH) to support the department’s ability to maintain primacy of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The fee goes towards funding existing staff that carry out critical functions of the Connecticut Department DPH Drinking Water Section. A complete description of the SDWPA can be found on the State of Connecticut DPH website:



DWS Circular Letter #2018-15

Contact information about this fee can be found at the bottom of DWS Circular Letter #2018-15.



Go “paperless” when you sign up for ebills with the Watertown Fire District. You will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail. Instead, you will receive an email notification with your monthly water and/or sewer bill attached.



The Watertown Fire District is now offering automatic electronic payments from your checking or savings account for your monthly water and/or sewer bills. This will eliminate writing and mailing a check and your bill will always be paid on time.




Tip #1 – Regularly check infrequently used bathrooms for sink drips and leaking toilet flaps.

Tip #2 – Check your meter reading before going to bed then again in the morning. If you havent used any water at night and your meter reading has changed you may want to check for leaks. For this test to work, ensure all water consuming fixtures/appliances (sinks, ice machines, washing machines, dish washer, etc…) aren’t being used.


WFD Water Bottle

When you stop by our office to sign up for e-billing and direct withdrawal, you’ll receive a FREE water bottle! While supplies last

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Our History

The Watertown Fire District was formed in March of 1900 when a group of residents and business owners established the District for the purpose of providing fire protection to the central part of the Town of Watertown. In 1913 a Special Act of the Connecticut Legislature established the Fire District as an organization similar to municipalities within the State. Since these early beginnings the District has grown both in geographic area and in services provided.

In 1917 the District purchased the Watertown Water Company. The Watertown Water Company consisted of one small reservoir in Bethlehem and about 12.5 miles of pipe. In 1958 a much larger reservoir was built in Bethlehem and today this reservoir helps to replenish groundwater around the District’s nine wells in Woodbury that make up the current source of drinking water for District residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did monthly billing start?

The first monthly bill was mailed out June 28, this was a “transition bill” that included dates of service for anywhere from 30 to 90 days depending on when your account was last billed. Starting July 28, you will be billed every month for approximately 30 days of service.

How often will my meter be read?

Your meter will be read approximately every 30 days.

I will need to make payments more often and use more postage. How can I save time and money?

GO GREEN!  Enroll in paperless billing and automatic recurring payments.

If I pay my bill using automatic recurring payments, do I need to change anything?

It depends. If your recurring payments are set up through the Watertown Fire District direct withdrawal program, you do not need to change anything – your payments will automatically be adjusted to our new monthly billing cycle.

However, if you established recurring payments through your personal banking website, you will likely need to adjust the payment frequency from every three months to every month.

Why is water & sewer being billed monthly?

Monthly billing makes it easier for customers to manage their monthly household finances. Monthly billing also provides more timely information about water usage and allows for the early detection and prompt repair of plumbing leaks.

If you prefer your quarterly schedule, prepaying your bills is also a possibility. If you’re interested in this option and would like some guidance estimating your future usage, please contact the office during our normal business hours and we’d be happy to help.

Will the change to monthly billing impact the number of days I have to pay my bill?

The due date for bills will range from 23-25 days from the bill date.

Will the bill look different?

The layout of your bill will look the same, but there are a few changes you may notice:

  • The meter reading and usage history will reflect approximately 30 days.
  • The water consumption graph will show usage as of the transition of monthly billing.
  • A QR Code will be added to make paying your bill even easier!

Under what circumstances will my water be shut off?

Please refer to the Watertown Fire District Rules & Regulations, Section J, for information regarding termination of service.

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