Water flows from the 268 million-gallon Lockwood Reservoir in Bethlehem and follows the Nonnewaug River running alongside the District’s wellfield in Woodbury.

Converging with this flow is also water from the 30 million-gallon Judd Pond in Watertown. Water from the Nonnewaug River flows through two recharge basins to further aid in the natural replenishing of groundwater removed by the wells. By controlling the flow released from our reservoir we are able to assure that there is always water present in that portion of the river that would otherwise be dry in periods of drought. Although we remove water from the ground at our wellfield, we also continually recharge this area with water held in the surface reservoirs.

Water that “percolates” from the surface down into the ground passes through layers of fine sand and gravel. This “natural filtration” removes substances that are not desirable in drinking water. Water pumped from the District wells is treated with a disinfectant (Chlorine) as a precaution to further protect consumers from potentially harmful bacteria. The water is also treated with a small amount of sodium hydroxide to make the water less corrosive. This is important in reducing the amounts of metals such as copper and lead that may be picked up by the water from the plumbing in consumers’ homes and businesses.

After treatment, the water is pumped about 2.5 miles to a 1.5 million gallon storage tank. From there the water flows through a distribution system of some 31 miles of water mains to reach our 2200 residential and business customers who require about 650,000 gallons of water each day. The District also assures an adequate supply of water for fire-fighting to some 250 hydrants owned and maintained by the District.

Standard Specifications for Water Main and Service Line Materials


Ductile Iron Class 52, Cement Lined Bituminous Seal Coat (A.W.W.A. Standard C151 latest edition)


Resilient Seated Gate Valves – Open Left (CCW).
Mechanical Joint – Non-Rising-Stem (NRS) with 2” square operating nut with box and cover.


Mueller Co. A-2360 or District-approved equal
Valve Box Type U.S. Made only – 5 ¼” Cast Iron Slip Type


4 ½” valve opening, 5 ½ ft. bury, open left NST on 2-2 ½” and 1-4 ½” pumper nozzle, 6” M.J. Shoe and 1 ½” pentagon operating nut.


Mueller A 421 Super Centurion 250 or District-approved equivalent (Hydrant anchoring tee to be used on hydrant branches)


Type “K”, ASTM B88 – Size to be determined by District.


Tapping, corporation stop, curb stop, curb box, water meter and accessories are provided by Watertown Fire District at the existing prices. (ONLY ¾” or 1” Taps are done by the Fire District).


U.S. Made Only – MJ, DI, CL350 A.W.W.A. Standard C153


MJ, DI, Retainer Glands or Megalug Glands as required.


Hydrostatic and leakage testing are the responsibility of the contractor and must be performed by a qualified contractor/sub-contractor. A written report of test results shall be provided to the District. Test pressure will normally be 100 psi above normal operating pressure or as directed by the District. All lines to be hypochlorite tablet treated or disinfected in accordance with the procedures under A.W.W.A. Standard C601.


60” (5ft)


42” (with District approval)


Minimum 18” vertical spacing between culvert and crossing pipes. Insulation and District approval are required.


Main: ¾” Process
Service Line: Pipe Sand – 24” (10” Bottom / 14” Top)

Well Field
Well Field
Lockwood Reservoir
Lockwood Reservoir
Water Storage Tank
Water Storage Tank